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Dr. Schnitzer believes that mental and emotional health can impact all areas of life.  Therefore, she provides services to businesses to assist in maintaining the overall health of employees and effective communications amongst staff.  Additionally, for businesses that provide health services to clients, she is available to augment these services to provide a well-rounded package for your customers.  As a licensed clinical psychologist, she is able to offer a wealth of education as well as treatment for your people.  The following training services  are examples of what is available for businesses:

Stress Management- An original training model that provides a comprehensive brain-body approach to recognizing and managing stress reactions.  This seminar can be very in-depth or more compact, based on your needs.

Team Building - Tailored activities to assist your business team with maximizing interactions and teamwork.

Assertiveness/Communication/Leadership - This seminar can be tailored to meet the specific communication difficulties present in your workers.

Dealing with Difficult People - A component of our Stress Management seminar, this can be offered as a stand-alone training.

Anger Management - To assist employees or clients who may be struggling with anger, which can get in the way of effective business interactions.

Depression/Anxiety - Focused seminar to assist employees or clients with managing these difficult mental illnesses.  Mental illnesses such as these can contribute to significant absenteeism and other health problems. 

Weight Management - Often problems with weight can be related to various mental health issues, including stress, depression, anxiety, and errors in thinking.  Learn the ways these issues affect habits and weight control, along with ways to change maladaptive patterns.  

Improving Professional and/or Personal Relationships - Learn strategies to assist in effective communication and negotiation, either in professional or personal relationships.

Managing Change - Assistance with transitions in life and work, including job change, marriage, divorce, retirement, etc.

Problem Solving - Tips and strategies for making good choices when faced with difficult decisions.

Workplace Bullying - Research shows this type of behavior may be on the rise.  Learn how to recognize and stop bullying in the workplace.

The above seminars can be offered to large or small groups of employees or clients and can be tailored to fit your time frame.  If there is a topic you would like to offer and do not see, feel free to ask us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

In addition to seminars, we are also qualified to offer more specialized treatment to employees who may need some additional help.  Group and individual therapy as well as assessments can be provided through an Employee Assistance Program that can be set up especially for your needs and those of your employees.  Couples therapy can also be offered.  Visit our Treatment and Assessment page to learn more about these services.  Contact us for information about setting up such a program.

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